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Aldermere Farm Belted Galloway Beef Available

How to Buy Aldermere Beef

Large quantities (whole, sides, quarters, and eighths) are available by reservation only. Please contact us at or 207-236-2739 to reserve your beef.

Individual cuts of beef are available on a walk-in basis only to the Aldermere office, open Monday-Friday, 8-3:30. Please contact us for more info.

Throughout the year we have beef from our herd of Belted Galloways for sale.

Beltie beef: lean yet tender.

In a recent nutritional analysis, Ribeye steaks from Aldermere cattle were found to have fewer calories and saturated fats compared to the USDA standard for ribeyes, but more protein, calcium, and iron. Moreover, Aldermere beef had eleven times the “conjugated linoleic acid”- and CLA is gaining reputation in the medical community as one of the premier “good fatty acids.”

Despite its leanness, Aldermere beef retains a tender and juicy texture. Aldermere beef is hung in the cooler for two weeks before being packaged, which makes it more tender. Additionally, Beltie beef may have lower concentrations of calpastatin, an enzyme that slows the natural tenderization of meat as it ages. New York Times food writer Heidi Julavits, upon biting into an Aldermere Beltie burger, dubbed it one of, “the most sublime hamburgers we’ve ever consumed. We have to eat leaning over our plates to keep the maximally beefy drippings from running down our wrists.”

Raised on Pasture.

All of Aldermere’s Belties enjoy a habitat which makes for high quality beef. Aldermere’s Belties are raised on pasture and hay, then finished using two different feeding practices.

All-natural, grain-finished.

Our traditional grain-finished beef has noted by numerous customer for its excellent marbling and flavor. Most of the grain that supplements our cattle’s diet is Maine-grown.

A typical quarter: (each package usually has two steaks)
Cut Approx. #
Ground Beef 40lbs.
Stew Meat 6 lbs.
Porterhouse 1 package
Tenderloins 1 package
Ribeye Steak 4 packages
T-bone Steak 2 packages
Club Steak 2 package
Top Round Stk 2 packages
NY Sirloin Stk 2 packages
London Broil 1 package
Bottom Round Roast 1 package
Rolled Chuck Roast 2 packages
Rump Roast 2 packages
Soup Bones 2 packages

100% Grass-fed also available.

Aldermere also raises a herd of 100% grass-fed cattle. These Belties are raised on a diet of grass and hay, and are never fed any grain. 100% grass-fed beef is loaded with omega-3s and other good fatty acids, and many consumers eat it for the nutrition it provides. Grass-fed beef is best enjoyed rare to medium rare for tenderness.

Bulk and retail quantities available

All our beef comes frozen. Aldermere beef is available in bulk quantities: whole, side, quarters and eighths. A quarter is 25% of the meat from the hanging weight of one animal, and contains a variety of cuts. An eighth is one half a quarter.

Bulk Pricing. Quarters and eighths are charged at $5.00 lb. ($5.50 lb. for 100% grass-fed) on the hanging weight (bone in) of the animal at the time it is processed. You end up paying about $8-$9.00 per pound of meat for a whole, side, quarter or eighth.

Individual cuts at retail prices

Aldermere also sells individual cuts such as hamburger, steaks, and roasts on a walk-in basis.

Retail Pricing varies per cut; it’s $7.50lb. for ground beef, $8.50-$9/lb. for roasts, and $8.50-$23/lb. for steaks.

NOTE: Beef Cannot Be Shipped Out of The State of Maine.