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Apple Tree Pruning Workshop Draws a Crowd

On Saturday April 4th, Brien Davis of Hope Orchards presented apple tree pruning techniques to over 30 people on the Aldermere Farm property. The Farm and The Knox-Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District collaborated to make this presentation available for the many people in the community who want to care for their own trees. Davis spoke on lots of different topics like when to prune and what are some of the different problems one can have with the trees and fruit from year to year. Davis recommends keeping apple trees pruned in order to get air and light to the tree. He also advises keeping trees from getting too tall because the trees actually grow more fruit if they are more horizontal versus vertical. He also stressed the safety factor of not needing to use a ladder when your tree is shorter. After a brief discussion, attendees were treated to a live pruning demonstration at two apple trees on site. Many different tools were used and discussed and people were able to try their hand at pruning. Davis’ enthusiasm for what he does was infectious and people really learned from his time at the Farm. Visit Hope Orchards in Hope, Maine for your all-natural apples in the fall.

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