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Earth Day in the Woods

On Earth Day this year, five inquisitive young people came to the Farm to hike along the trail to the ocean and find out what nature had to offer them. The children, ages 7-11, all really enjoyed being outdoors and finding their way along the blazed trail. The group stopped at certain points along the way to look for signs of spring, identify certain species of plants and birds, and gather a few items for nature drawings. At the end of the trail along the rocky beach overlooking Penobscot Bay, the students seemed fascinated by the different types of seaweed and many took pieces back to draw. After the hike, students were able to spend time talking about their finds, drawing, and also coming up with an Earth Day promise for their families. Some decided that they want to recycle more and build compost bins and others want to use their cars less and ride bikes more – all great ideas and wonderful ways to celebrate Earth Day!

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