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International Group Learns about Maple Sugaring

On March 8th Aldermere was pleased to host and guide a truly international audience through one of Maine’s oldest traditions. Students from around the world who are attending Harvard’s Kennedy school brought their families to Aldermere to take part in the farm’s Sap to Syrup program. Families from Senegal, Columbia, Japan, China, Israel and the United States brought their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning to the Farm. Led by General Manager Ron Howard, the group learned the history of “sugaring”, tree identification and then each of the youth accompanying the group participated in the tapping of the trees. Being a warm day followed by a cold night all the children and many of the adults were able to indulge themselves with a sip of pure maple sap dripping directly from the trees. With just a hint of sugar in the clear sap their curiosity was peaked and will forever remind them of what we already know and that is that Maine is a pretty sweet place!

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