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Study Finds Aldermere's Beltie Beef May Be Healthier for You

For those of you who buy our Belted Galloway beef, you already know that it’s more tender, juicy, and flavorful than a standard grocery store offering. And you know that buying our beef supports our farm and the other local farms that supply us with calves, which helps us to conserve and protect some of Maine’s productive farmlands. You might even know that our cattle graze to their heart’s content on pasture, and that most of the grains we finish them with are grown right here in Maine. And you know that, when you buy beef by the whole quarter and eighth, that you won’t find a better value for such high quality meat than our bulk prices.

Now we’re learning that Beltie beef may be healthier too. New research being conducted by the Belted Galloway Society on our own beef is confirming what we’ve always suspected &emdash; that our Beltie beef is leaner and more nutrient dense than average beef. Ribeye steaks from our cattle were found to have less calories and saturated fat compared to the USDA standard for ribeyes, but more protein, calcium, and iron. Moreover, our Beltie beef had much higher levels of “conjugated linoleic acid” than the USDA standards &endash; and CLA is gaining reputation in the medical community as one of the premier “good fatty acids.”

How can Beltie beef be so much leaner, yet still so tender? The secret, it turns out, may be in the enzymes. If you recall from you high school organic chemistry, enzymes are the proteins (mostly) that catalyze activity in living things. They’re the “change agents” of organisms. Beltie beef may have higher concentrations of a calpain, an enzyme implicated in the breakdown of proteins as it’s cooked, turning tough muscle fiber into something so juicy and mouthwatering, it led a New York Times food writer Heidi Julavits, upon biting into a Beltie burger, to proclaim it one of, “the most sublime hamburgers we’ve ever consumed. We have to eat leaning over our plates to keep the maximally beefy drippings from running down our wrists.”

For more information about purchasing Beltie beef from Aldermere, click here.

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