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Visitor's Center is Open through mid-October!

The Aldermere Farm Visitor’s Center is open through mid-October. Typical hours of operation for the Visitor’s Center are:

-Monday 10am - 4pm;

-Tuesday 10am- 1pm;

-Wednesday 11am-4pm;

-Thursday 10am-4pm;

-Friday 11am-5pm;

-Saturday 10am-1pm.

The Visitor’s Center is located along the roadside by the main farm barn near 20 Russell Ave. Look for the “Visitor’s Center” sign and “Open” flag when it is open.

You will be greeted by a knowledgeable volunteer and learn more about the farm, the Belted Galloway cattle, Erickson Fields Preserve, and Maine Coast Heritage Trust. They can answer many of your burning questions!

A few retail items are also available for purchase as is our wonderful steaks and ground beef!

The Friday Farm Tour is on each Friday at 10am until mid-August. Meet at 20 Russell Ave. at 10am.

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