Community Group Activity Request Form

This form is intended for school groups, youth programs, community service groups, and non-profits to schedule recreational, educational, and community service activities at Aldermere Farm.
If you are an individual …
… please see the Event Space Rental Agreement about renting the main barn for a private event.
… please check our Events page for upcoming farm tours.
There is no fee for a visit or farm tour, but donations are welcome. MCHT is able to maintain Aldermere Farm as a preserve for the public thanks to the generosity of our donors.
How to Prepare for a Farm Tour or Volunteer Activity:
  • Have each person complete a Release Form. We will need to collect these BEFORE your visit.
  • Bring: hand sanitizer, hand wipes, water bottles, sunblock, insect repellent
  • Dress for the weather and for the barnyard: Wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and long pants for protection from scrapes. Wear boots or old sneakers to protect your feet from mud and cow manure.
  • Do NOT wear:  Open-toed shoes, dangly jewelry or anything that is valuable to you.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not have a restroom or wash station available to the public. Seasonally, we have a portable toilet available for visitors. Please bring your own hand sanitizer and hand wipes.
Community Group Activity Request Form

Community Group Activity Request Form

Contact Information

Please provide a # that we can reach you at during your visit.

Your Group


We have room for one school bus to park in the pull off beside the Visitor Center. Cars may park along Russell Avenue. Please do not park in the driveway at the farmhouse.

What is the purpose of your visit?

Please check all that apply.
*You may use the Main Barn for picnics or indoor activities. We have some folding chairs and tables. Please give your group time to clean up and put the folding chairs and tables away at the end.
Is there anything else we should know?

One-time Visit

Complete this section only if you are planning a one-time event. If you are planning an activity for multiple days, skip ahead to the next section.
1st choice - Start Time
1st choice - End Time
2nd choice - Start Time
2nd choice - End Time

Ongoing Program

Complete this section if you are planning an activity for multiple days.
Please list all dates and times for your program.
Please provide a brief description of the activities you have planned.

Portable Toilet

It costs Aldermere Farm $110 per month to provide a portable toilet for visiting groups. While we do not charge a fee for these visits, we do appreciate donations to help cover this extra cost. Contributions of any amount are very appreciated. Thank you!