Teen Ag Crew

Teen Agricultural Crew is a social entrepreneurial internship where a crew of teens ages 14-18 raise vegetables naturally for the local food system, including food pantries and public schools. The crew participates in the full process of growing vegetables starting with initial business planning and decision making, to growing, maintaining, and harvesting the food. Teens work side-by-side with other community members and volunteers, and are supervised by the Farm Manager and an assistant.

This is an excellent internship for anyone considering a future in ecology, botany, outdoor education, horticulture, agriculture, agricultural education, or any field that requires well-developed group leadership skills. There will be weekly lessons and occasional field trips focusing on sustainable agriculture.

Teen Ag is both challenging and rewarding work that contributes to your community in a meaningful way. The Teen Ag Crew produces over 20,000 pounds annually in a 4-acre garden for the local food system, including food pantries and public schools.

After completing the Fall and Spring sessions or the Summer session, interns may apply for an advanced, hourly-paid position as a Teen Ag Crew Leader the following season.


Session Schedules, Stipends, & Application Deadlines:

Session Date Range Weekly Schedule Total Hours Stipend Application Deadline
Spring 4/20/21 – 6/17/21 3-5pm; T, W, Th 40 $260 March 26, 2021
Summer 6/21/21 – 8/27/21 8am-12:15pm; M-F 200 $1,300 March 26, 2021
Fall 9/8/21 – 10/29/21 3:30-5pm; T, W, Th, occasionally Sat 40 $260 August 20, 2021


We prioritize teen-initiative and completion of the application material by the interested candidate.

Teen Ag Crew Application

Teen Ag Crew Application

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