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Aldermere Hamish, Champion and Grand National Champion 1975-76


Ask any local in Rockport or Camden where the "Belties" are, and they’ll point you to Aldermere Farm, long one of the area’s popular attractions, especially for kids longing for a look at the famous black and white colored "Oreo cookie" cows. But the Belted Galloways grazing in Aldermere’s green pastures aren’t just for decoration. Aldermere Belties are known to breeders around the world as some of the finest stock anywhere.

Bred primarily for beef, Belties originated in the mountains of Southwest Scotland--an area once called the province of Galloway. In this cold, damp, and rugged country, the Galloways bred by the Scots became an exceptionally hardy breed, adapting to the severe conditions. In winter they grow a shaggy overcoat which, in combination with the soft short undercoat, protects them from the cold and damp. Unlike many other breeds, the Belties were able to forage for themselves on the range during the winter. Their development under these conditions made the breed highly resistant to disease and genetic problems.

Manager Ron Howard makes friends (photo: Sara Gray)

In 1953 the Aldermere herd of Belted Galloways was established when Mr. Chatfield purchased a bull and six cows from Harry Prock of Pennsylvania. Mr. Chatfield subsequently brought more stock to the farm from Scotland. Between 1955 and 1972, he imported Lullenden Irene and Lullenden Arigusta from the Ian Hamilton herd, along with the bull Mochrum Orion which replaced first herd sire Aldermere Hapwood Dandie. In 1960 Burnside Great Scot, Supreme Belted Galloway in Scotland, was imported. In 1966 he bought two heifers from the Whittingehame herd at East Lothian, noting that the dam which produced these heifers, Whittingehame Serena Neilson, was the largest Beltie cow he had ever seen, weighing 1600 lbs.

Over the years the Chatfields and long-time Farm Manager Dwight Howard worked together to develop one of the premier herds of Belted Galloways in the world. In fairs around the country, Aldermere cattle have been awarded the highest level of recognition of any farm over the last 30 years. Today the Aldermere herd is the oldest continually-operated herd of Belted Galloway cattle in the United States today. Numbers generally range from 75 (winter) to 100 (summer) head.

Together the Chatfields and long-time Farm Manager Dwight Howard built a renowned herd.

Aldermere farm routinely sells cattle and semen to other breeders.

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Upcoming Events

Erickson Fields Preserve Wednesday Work Days

Spring 2014 “Wednesday Work Days” at Erickson Fields Preserve:

First, Second, and Third Wednesdays of each month from 3-6 pm.

The work days are open to all who are interested in volunteering at Erickson Farm and we will have a potluck at 6 pm after we are done working. We will start in April with barn/shed clean-up, deer fencing, low tunnel construction, and vegetable bed prep. In May we will continue with vegetable bed prep, planting and wash/pack station set up. We hope you can join us for any amount of time, you are very welcome. If you plan to join for the potluck, please bring your own utensils and dishware. For further information, please contact Aaron Englander, Erickson Fields Manager at 236-2739 or by email at I look forward to meeting and working with you!

June 10 - Volunteer Orientation at Aldermere Farm

Please join us for training as we work with new and seasoned volunteers to orient them to Aldermere Farm, our history, programs and herd of Belted Galloway cows. We welcome anybody interested in volunteering at Aldermere Farm this summer to join us and learn more about the opportunities here. We will host two sessions, one at 3:30pm and 5:30pm. Please call with any questions you may have about volunteer opportunities.

June 23 - Aldermere Farm Visitor Center Opens

Our Visitor Center will officially open for the season on June 23, 2014. The visitor center is staffed by dedicated volunteers who have a passion for our Belted Galloways and Aldermere Farm. Beef and retail items such as hats, stuffed belties, cards, shirts and stickers are available for purchase at the visitor center.