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Knox County Farmer's Alliance

Once a month at the Union Town Office, farmers from all over Knox County are joining together to participate in a new collective called the Knox County Farmer’s Alliance. The group had its first meeting in February and was initiated by Aldermere Farm staff. The project has taken off and has sparked new interest in the farming community about working together and generating new ideas. “The goal in starting this group was to have a place where farmers in the area could come together, discuss their ideas, share information and talk about the future of agriculture, especially how it pertains to their own businesses and livelihood,” stated Ron Howard of Aldermere Farm.

Since the first meeting, the Knox County Farmer’s Alliance have accomplished quite a bit! The group is working with the Union Fair committee to help start a new farmer’s market at the Fair this summer. Also, the Herald Gazette newspaper has agreed to feature regular articles about local farmers. Most importantly, the Alliance has accomplished the simple act of coming together, allowing needs to be voiced, and sometimes met. Whether it is collaborating to transport livestock, or seeking out labor, this group has really come together!

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