Aldermere News

Knox County Food Council presents Knox County Gleaners

[Gleaning] is a critical step in responding to food insecurity: gleaning activities both help to reduce food waste at the farming production level, by harvesting food that would have otherwise been left, and to more equitably distribute food throughout the food system.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust embarks on $3 million campaign for Aldermere Farm, Erickson Fields improvements

“Aldermere Farm and Erickson Fields were originally established as working farms, not as public preserves,” said Kate Stookey, president and CEO of Maine Coast Heritage Trust. “Yet for generations, they have done a remarkable job of welcoming thousands of annual visitors while fostering powerful connections between the food we eat and the land that sustains us.”

Maine Coast Heritage Trust expands staff

“I believe strongly in fostering the curiosity, work ethic and knowledge needed to thrive out in the world. I have experienced so many kids gain these skills by working, playing, and learning through the lens of agriculture, and there are few better (or more beautiful) places to do that than Aldermere Farm.” – Calder Gladstone

Midcoast Farmers Alliance to discuss collaborative or cooperative for farmers

At the KCFC meeting, presenters will be introducing MFA to the broader food collective, talking about local food distribution needs and the collaboration between Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Maine Farmland Trust and Midcoast Farmers Alliance, and brainstorming with participants how the proposed project can increase food security.

Volunteers Sought for Kids Can Grow Program at Erickson Fields Preserve

“In a single growing season, people can learn skills and habits that serve them well for life. It’s gratifying to be part of that process.” – MCHT volunteer Marina Schauffler

Registration Open for Kids Can Grow Program at Erickson Fields Preserve

Erickson Fields will host a six-month session of Kids Can Grow, a program introducing families with young children to growing vegetables for healthy eating.

Beltie Holiday at Aldermere Farm 

MCHT invites all ages to celebrate Beltie Holiday with the cows at the Aldermere Farm.

Knox County Food Council Discusses Emergency Services & Food Security

Knox County Food Council hosts a virtual group discussion with Candice Richards from Knox County Emergency Management Agency.

Aldermere & Erickson Fields to Host Community Listening Sessions – Free and Open to the Public

“We want to make sure we’re serving the people in our community to the best of our ability,” says Heidi Baker, Manager of Aldermere Farm and Erickson Fields.

Free Natural Farming Workshop at Erickson Fields

Erickson Farm Manager, Aaron Englander, will demonstrate Korean Natural Farming, an agricultural method that encourages self-sustaining, closed loop systems through minimizing external inputs.

Knox County Food Council hosts Green Ellsworth Food & Farming Plan

Learn about a citizen’s initiative involving businesses, residents, and organizations working together with City officials to make Ellsworth a model green community.

Calf Unveiling May 8 at Aldermere Farm

ROCKPORT – Saturday, May 8th Aldermere Farm, a preserve of Maine Coast Heritage Trust, will open its barnyard to introduce the newest members of Aldermere’s Belted Galloway herd. At the top of every hour from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. farm staff and volunteers will lead behind-the-scenes tours of the barnyard at 20 Russell Ave…

Farmers unite to bring Maine’s largest farmers’ market to all of central Maine

Central Maine FarmDrop has worked to create something new for Maine’s local food network.

New Off-Leash Hours at Erickson Fields

The new off-leash hours will be in effect for a 6-month trial from April through September, 2021.

Paid Ag Internship for Teens at Erickson Fields

Interns will gain hands-on experience in sustainable agricultural practices and learn about their local food system from food production, processing and distribution to consumption and waste management.

Penobscot Bay Community Gardens accepting applications

Turn gardening dreams into a delicious reality!

Aldermere Farms hosts free Sap-to-Syrup program

Cabin fever setting in? Looking for a sweet pick-me-up? Come learn how to make syrup from sap.

Free program at Aldermere teaches kids to halter-train calves

MCHT invites youth ages 10 to 18 to work hands-on with Belted Galloway calves at Aldermere Farm.

Knox County Food Council features MCHT’s Teen Ag Crew

Knox County Food Council invites the public to learn about youth agriculture addressing food insecurity in the Midcoast.

MCHT surveys visitors of Erickson Fields Preserve

The survey will inform revisions to the existing preserve guidelines to better meet the needs of the community.