Cattle for Sale

Aldermere has been breeding and selling champion stock for over 60 years, and today is known as one of the premier Belted Galloway breeders in the world.

Below you will find our sale list for 2019, and other pictures of cattle available.  See our spreadsheet of available cattle below.

For more information including more pictures of our Belties for sale, please contact our General Manager, Heidi Baker, 207-236-2739.

Thank you to Kevin Cole for the purchase of Aldermere Edmund and Aldermere Fynne!

Sale Cattle Available

Name/Ear TagDOBSireDamCategoryDue DateComments
ALD G63/12/2019Orion DetriotALD Cora (C1)Bull Calf Would make an excellent show steer!
TAB Dora (LD5)4/21/2016Diamond B Seely BoothTAB ZoeyBred Cow9/30/2019Heifer calf at side
ALD Erma (E23)10/10/2017Aldermere Yogi (Y23)Aldermere Teah (T7)Open Heifer  
Aldermere (F10)3/13/2018Aldermere Yogi (Y23)Aldermere Peregrine (2P)Open Heifer Hypo Carrier
Aldermere Discovery (ED15)9/22/2016Aldermere Yogi (Y23)Caelmont XenaOpen  Cow1/18/2019Exposed to Aldermere Yate
WeHave Feeder Steers  Available (400-800lbs)

Pictured Sale Cattle Available

Aldermere Discovery 41789-B

  • Exposed to Aldermere Yates
  • D.O.B: 9/22/2016
  • Sire: Aldermere Yogi (34733-B)
  • Dam: Caleamont Xena (41786-B




Aldermere Erma 42232-B

  • Open Heifer 
  • D.O.B: 10/10/2017
  • Sire: Aldermere Yogi (34733-B)
  • Dam: Aldermere Teah (27932-B)

Email Heidi Baker at or Ellie Pendleton at with questions.
Or reach our office at  207-236-2739.