Cattle for Sale

Aldermere has been breeding and selling champion stock for over 60 years, and today is known as one of the premier Belted Galloway breeders in the world.

Below you will find our sale list for 2020, and pictures of cattle available.  See our spreadsheet of available cattle below. Thank you to all of our 2019 buyers!

For more information including more pictures of our Belties for sale, please contact Ellie Pendleton at

Sale Cattle Available

Name/Ear Tag DOB Sire Dam Category Due Date Comments
FSB Ashanti 11/10/15 FSB Wiga’s Zopman FSB Starstruck’s Zori Bred Cow 10/3/2020 Bred to Aldermere Yates
TAB Zoey 8/5/12 Ponderosa Chancy TAB Xanne Bred Cow 3/30/2020 Bred to Aldermere Yates
Casa Cattle Gum Drop 6/15/13 Casa Cattle Davinci E & H Patty Bred Cow 3/30/2020 Bred to Aldermere Yates
Casa Cattle Mallow Cup 5/12/19 Casa Cattle Kryptonite Casa Cattle Gumdrop Open Heifer    
Aldermere Ellie 9/10/17 Aldermere Yogi Aldermere Yolly Bred Heifer 6/1/2020 Bred by Atwood Farms Cooper
Aldermere Gabi 4/1/2019 Aldermere Yogi TAB Zoey Open Heifer    
Aldermere Gala 10/3/19 Eastman Aldermere Carlos Aldermere Zoey Heifer Calf    
Aldermere Georgia 9/29/19 Eastman Aldermere Carlos Eastman Zeppelin Heifer Calf    
We Have  Feeder  Steers   Available   (400-800lbs)

Pictured Sale Cattle Available

Aldermere Ellie 42234-B


DOB: 9/10/2017

Sire: Aldermere Yogi

Dam: Aldermere Yolly







Aldermere Gabi 44472-B

DOB: 4/1/2020

Sire: Aldermere Yogi

Dam: Aldermere Yolly






Email Heidi Baker at or Ellie Pendleton at with questions.
Or reach our office at  207-236-6372.