Regular Programs at Erickson Fields

Erickson Fields Preserve offers a wide range of opportunities for community members and visitors interested in learning more about sustainable agriculture and gardening.

Erickson Farm was a dairy farm for many generations, until the Erickson family stopped farming the land in the 1980s. The family welcomed Aldermere Farm to manage the fields for hay and for grazing Belted Galloway Cattle.

When the Erickson family ultimately decided to sell the land, they worked closely with MCHT staff in partnership with Maine Farmland Trust (MFT) to preserve the farm property.

MCHT and MFT recognized the value of preserving rapidly disappearing farmland, maintaining a significant green space close to the center of Rockport village, and providing an opportunity to manage the land as a community resource. Learn more about the Erickson Fields preserve here.

Upcoming Events at Erickson Fields

Jun 1, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024Pride Walk at Erickson Fields at Erickson Fields

Jul 30, 2024Korean Natural Farming Workshop at Erickson Fields

Sep 21, 2024Mushroom & Nature Walk at Erickson Fields

Programs at Erickson Fields

The following programs are offered regularly at Erickson Fields. See our Upcoming Events list for dates and times.

Teen Ag Crew

A staff member, apprentice, and members of the Teen Ag Crew.

A teen social entrepreneurial program where a work crew of teens grow food for local food pantries and food assistance programs (spring, summer, and fall). Hiring takes place in the spring for the season (for teens ages 14-18).

Kids Can Grow

Kids Can Grow

Families learning together about growing food using the square foot gardening method. A six session course once a month from May – October. For families with youth ages 7-12 years old.

Community Garden Plots

Varying sized plots available for the community to grow in for themselves or for the Maine Harvest for Hunger initiative.

Korean Natural Farming Workshop

Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Tidwell

Learn about Korean Natural Farming, an agricultural method that encourages self-sustaining, closed loop systems through minimizing external inputs. Erickson Farm & Program Manager, Aaron Englander, will demonstrate the techniques including how to make natural fertilizers. This one-day workshop is free and held every summer.

Talks in the Garden

A variety of discussions and workshops about growing food and gardening.