Cattle and Farm Products

Aldermere Farm has been breeding, raising, and selling champion Belted Galloway cattle for almost 50 years, and today Aldermere is known as one of the premier Belted Galloway breeders in the world.

As an actively managed farm, Aldermere offers a number of products for sale, including: cattle, semen, beef, and hay.

Products for Sale

  • Belted Galloway Beef for Food Pantries - Throughout the year we have beef from our herd of Belted Galloways for sale.
  • Cattle for Sale - Aldermere Farm offers cattle for sale. Please visit this page for current availability.
  • Belted Galloway Semen for Sale - Aldermere Farm is offering semen from its two finest herd sires and their latest imported sire Southfield Major Ronaldo.
  • Hay for Sale - Aldermere Farm makes hay on several hundred acres for sale to other livestock owners and landscapers.