Big Farm Hands – Spring Session

Apr 5, 2021 - Apr 26, 2021, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

This April, Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) will run the ever popular after-school Farm Hands program…but this time for the BIG kids. This is an opportunity for adults only (age 18+) to work hands-on with Belted Galloway calves at Aldermere Farm, a historic saltwater farm preserve located at 20 Russell Avenue in Rockport. Starting April 5th, Aldermere Farm will host a three-week session of Big Farm Hands (3:00-4:30 PM Mondays), a free program teaching how to halter, groom, and lead young calves. Participants will learn about agriculture and best practices for handling livestock while providing an important community service to the farm by helping train calves, so they are easier to manage when they full-grown.
In keeping with health officials’ recommendations, facemasks are required, and space is limited so appropriate social distancing can be maintained. Participants must dress for being outside for an extended period in the cold and are responsible for bringing their own gloves, boots, and facemasks.
Why should kids have all the fun? Come learn how to snuggle a beltie calf and be a farmhand!
Registration is on a first come first served basis, is available online (