‘The Fall Fairy Gathering’ at Erickson Fields Story Trail

Nov 1, 2023 - Nov 30, 2023, 12:00 am, at Erickson Fields

Now that the fairies have made the most of spring and summer, shepherding the growing things through the warm months, what do they do when autumn comes, and the growing things begin to settle in to rest? How do the fairies prepare for winter?

This fall, visitors of Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s Erickson Fields Preserve (164 West St, Rockport) can immersive themselves in a good story while they stroll through the forest and field. Pages of The Fall Fairy Gathering by local author Liza Gardner Walsh are posted along the 1.4 mile loop trail. Paired with warm and whimsical illustrations by Hazel Mitchell, this delightful book will help children discover just how fairies celebrate the harvest season. And while the fairies do love to add some fun to everything they do, there’s also a gentle reminder here of our human connection to nature and the importance of nurturing it.