Community Garden

Community garden plots of varying sizes are available for the community to grow for themselves or for the Maine Harvest for Hunger initiative. A dairy farm for generations, Erickson Fields offers 120 square foot plots for $75 each. Nearby, a spirited Teen Ag Crew tends an impressive 4-acre food bank farm. Erickson Fields, which sits on an idyllic breezy knoll, is close to the intersection of US 1 and Rt. 90. The gardens are surrounded by a deer fence and offer water, manure, and guidance.

Each gardener is expected to help during the season with at least four hours of site maintenance. There will be a sign-up sheet provided for specific tasks to choose from, such as:

  • Site and path maintenance
  • Annual planting
  • Harvesting and washing produce with the Knox County Gleaners
  • Fall cleanup
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Plots and Fee

The Community Garden is intended to be accessible to all who wish to grow their own food. Financial assistance will be provided based on need and number of applicants.
(Full plots are 120 square feet each.)
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Connect with other Community Gardeners

In the spirit of community, we want to give you the opportunity to connect with other community gardeners at Erickson Fields. Please check the box below if you would like to share your email address. NOTE: The email list will only be shared with other Erickson Fields Community Gardeners who OPT IN to share their emails.
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Community Garden Rules & Expectations

1) Be respectful and safe. 2) Please keep your plot well maintained, within plot boundaries and free of trash/debris. 3) The community gardens are managed organically, please see info sheet for a list of acceptable garden products. If you have questions, ASK first! 4) Each gardener is responsible for contributing volunteer hours to maintain pathways and other common spaces. We will coordinate monthly work days. Please record any volunteer hours on the clipboard in the wooden shed. 5) Please let us know if you are not able to maintain your plot or decide to leave the community garden. 6) If you go on vacation have someone tend your plot in the meantime, and let us know who they are. 7) Please bring your own tools and label them clearly. Community gardeners have a dedicated storage space on the northern end of the wooden shed in the field. 8) When watering don’t waste water, and return hose neatly when finished. Let us know about any leaks or improperly functioning irrigation as soon as possible. 9) Harvest crops from your plot only, unless given permission by another gardener. 10) Children are welcome and encouraged in the community garden, but should not be left unsupervised. 11) At the end of the growing season, gardeners are responsible for clearing plots and putting them to bed for the winter. 12) Have fun, grow lots of veggies, eat lots of veggies, and please ask if you have any questions!
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