Knox County Food Council

Maine Coast Heritage Trust is a founding member of the Knox County Food Council, a community-based coalition that formed in 2019 to promote a more resilient food system in Knox County, Maine.

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Knox County Food Council Charter

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We commit to support…

Health and Wellness

  • by assuring affordable, safe, healthy food as an essential building block for physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing


  • by creating awareness of the relationship between our food system and our environment, our health, and our local economy
  • by creating initiatives that develop food literacy and hands on skills
  • by fostering the next generation of caretakers of our food system

Sustainable Economic Development

  • by supporting a local food system that supports economically sustainable farming, processing, and the distribution of food
  • by aligning with local agencies to create mutually beneficial relationships among all participants and stakeholders in the economic chain
  • by creating the community infrastructure necessary to support the food system
  • by promoting our region as an agricultural and culinary destination

Social Justice

  • by reaffirming that safe, healthy and affordable food and clean water are a basic human right
  • by promoting environmental policies that support healthy food for all through support of programs addressing community infrastructure; income, housing, healthcare, education, employment and transportation
  • by fostering food self-reliance through community food programs to reduce dependence on emergency food services

Environmental Health

  • by protecting and preserving farmland and marine resources for local food production
  • by conscientiously producing, processing, distributing and recapturing foods in a way that reduces waste and conserves energy with minimal impact on the natural environment


  • by celebrating and promoting respect for traditional, cultural and spiritual food diversity
  • by promoting the dignity and responsibility of growing, preparing and enjoying food
  • by connecting our rich agricultural and maritime heritage to our contemporary food practices

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Knox County Food Council Charter
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Knox County Food Council Charter Champions


Knox County partners advocating for a community based healthy food system for all.


Knox County Food Council will become the leader in creating a collaborative food system in order to advance a resilient and sustainable network assuring access to healthy resources for our communities.