Spotlight on… Volunteer Ann Vanosdol

At Aldermere Farm and Erickson Fields Preserve, there are many people who give their time to help support the work at the two properties. In fact, last year there were 101 volunteers who put in over 2000 hours of time!

It is difficult to highlight just one volunteer because each person gives a unique piece to the work here, however, volunteer Ann Vanosdol has truly given her time in a way that spreads across the organization. Ann started out as a regular volunteer in the Aldermere Farm Visitor Center during the summer months beginning in 2011. She is always eager to speak with visitors about the farm and any other local events and places that would be of interest to people. You will see her at most of the farm’s events as well, volunteering at the retail table or at the display table handing out brochures and newsletters.

In 2013, Ann made regular deliveries to the local food pantry with fresh veggies from Erickson’s Teen Ag Crew garden. At the beginning of 2014, Ann also volunteered in the office once a week answering phones, taking care of office duties, and also inventorying beef that came in (lifting 45 lb. boxes of beef from a chest freezer)! She is dedicated and always willing to help because she believes in the value of the work and the farms’ missions.

Her spirit shines through in everything she does, even from the email she recently sent staff upon her last day in the Visitor’s Center for the year, “I have enjoyed volunteering there so much this year – by far the most enjoyable season for me so far. Please let me know if there is anything I can do at any time and I look forward to another great year next year.” Thanks Ann- See you soon!