Penobscot Bay Community Gardens accepting applications

CAMDEN & ROCKPORT — Warming soil is beckoning. Carrots, squash, lettuce, what’s your wish? Penobscot Bay Community Gardens offers eager gardeners plots at two sites: 63 Washington Street in Camden and Erickson Fields, a preserve of Maine Coast Heritage Trust located at 164 West Street in Rockport.
If your vision includes a garden bed in a charming village where you can walk or bike, then 63 Washington Street in Camden might be your answer. Ample sun shines in the backyard. Sixteen-square-foot rows are available for $20 each. This year, hedges and shrubs will be planted to benefit insects and birds.
63 Washington houses women in recovery. Theresa Mastricolo, the house manager, helps tend the garden. Many gardeners choose to share their bounty with the residents at 63 Washington. Raising your flowers and vegetables here will reinforce a feeling of community and connectedness. Garden with us and share your knowledge of all things heritage and organic!
Alternately, Erickson Fields Preserve offers a more traditional farming experience. A dairy farm for generations, Erickson Fields has 120-square-foot plots available for $60 each. Financial assistance is available on a sliding scale. Nearby, a spirited Teen Ag Crew tends their impressive gardens. Erickson Fields, which sits on an idyllic breezy knoll, is close to the intersection of US 1 and Rt. 90. The gardens are surrounded by a deer fence and offer water, manure, a shed for tools and guidance. An orientation for gardeners will be held in April to review COVID-19 safety protocols and garden rules.
Join others with dirty fingernails and turn gardening dreams into a delicious reality! Space is limited. Gardeners interested in 63 Washington may contact Lisa Breheny (). Those interested in Erickson Fields may apply online at or call 236-2739 for more information.