New Off-Leash Hours at Erickson Fields

ROCKPORT – Good news for dogs and dog walkers:  Erickson Fields Preserve has new Off-Leash Hours (sunrise – 9 AM) in select areas of the Erickson Fields Trail designated by the “dog off-leash” signs. This new rule will be in effect for a 6-month trial from April through September, 2021. After that time, the rule may be modified if needed.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust hosts gardening programs for all ages at Erickson Fields:  a Community Garden, Kids Can Grow, and the Teen Ag Crew who grow 20,000+ lbs. of fresh produce annually for the community. It is very important for food safety that dog walkers be vigilant about cleaning up after their pets and take them off leash in the designated off-leash areas only.

The Erickson Fields Trail, which connects route 90 to Beech Hill Road, was designed to be an easy walking path for various levels of mobility. Dog walkers are expected to help keep the trail a safe and accessible place for all by keeping their pets under control at all times and being respectful of others using the trail.