Knox County Food Council hosts Green Ellsworth Food & Farming Plan

On June 1st, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, the Knox County Food Council will be hosting a presentation by Julie Daigle, regarding the Green Ellsworth Food and Farming plan and upcoming implementation initiatives. 
Green Ellsworth, a citizen’s initiative involving businesses, residents, and organizations working together with City officials to make Ellsworth a model green community, recently produced a Green Plan for the city and surrounding towns that highlights the needs and resources in four key areas: food and farming, water, land, and infrastructure. Public input drove the creation of the plan at all levels of the process- in the Food and Farming chapter, for example, public interest in resources for new and established farmers and gardeners, from funding and grant opportunities to education and networking, led to a robust section on this topic and the identification of the need for better dissemination of existing information. 
The Food and Farming chapter also examines the need for increased/enhanced food security efforts, effective land use planning and conservation efforts, integration with regional, state, and national efforts around climate change preparation and response, and multi-level governance changes, among other actions.   
More information about Green Ellsworth and the Ellsworth Green Plan can be found online, at; for more information about Knox County Food Council and joining the upcoming presentation via Zoom, please contact Aldermere Farm Outreach Manager, Joelle Albury, at or visit
Maine Coast Heritage Trust is a founding member of the Knox County Food Council, a community-based coalition that formed in 2019 to promote a more resilient food system in Knox County, Maine. The Council’s monthly meetings are open to the public and are held online via Zoom from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM on the first Tuesday of every month.